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ELITE Black Lens

ELITE Black Lens

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Elevate Your Style with Elite Frames: Where Prestige Meets Excellence

Elite isn't just a word; it's a symbol of prestige and the epitome of being the best among the best. Our Elite frames are designed to live up to this definition, not only as eyewear but as a representation of your unparalleled taste and style.

Key Features:

1. TR90 Frame: Crafted from TR90 material, these frames are more than just strong, durable, and lightweight. They are a testament to your preference for excellence and quality. These frames were made to last, just like your commitment to exceptional style.

2. Polarized Anti-Fatigue Dark Smoke Lens: Rediscover the world with unmatched clarity. Our polarized lenses not only combat eye fatigue but also offer an air of sophistication with their dark smoke tint. They are more than just lenses; they're a reflection of your refined taste.

3. Matte Black Finish: The matte black finish exudes an understated, yet powerful elegance. It's the perfect addition to your wardrobe, enhancing your style without overshadowing your personality.

Designed with More:

  • More Style: Our Elite frames are not just a fashion statement; they're an embodiment of your choice to stand out, to be the best among the best, and to define your unique style.

  • More Durability: These frames are engineered to endure daily life and your adventures. They are not just eyewear; they're an investment in your personal style and comfort.

  • More of a Statement: Embrace the role of the trendsetter, the individual of prestige, and the champion of excellence. Our Elite frames are more than a fashion choice; they're an expression of your elite lifestyle.

Experience a level of style that is truly exceptional, where prestige meets excellence. Elite frames aren't just an accessory; they're a representation of your elite lifestyle. Stand out, redefine excellence, and let your style speak for itself. Choose Elite and make the world take notice of your unparalleled taste.

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